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About the Brand

Known for its excellent quality, emblem of sophistication and timeless elegance, over the years Borsalino has become an international icon, one of the rare cases in which a brand is synonymous with the common name “Borsalino“, one of the most fascinating symbols of the brand is the felt hat. « In the past we created generations of style, today we create style for the new generations ». Borsalino history is a family one. The story begins in 1857, when Guiseppe Borsalino lays the foundation of what is today considered to be the most important and prestigious hat maker worldwide. Having walked his first steps in the hat makers’ city, Giuseppe decides to move to France, country at the forefront of hat production and fashion. Here he obtains the qualification of “hat master”, returns to Alessandria, opens a small workshop and writes the first chapter in the history of a great dynasty. From this moment, it is a continuing story of success and satisfaction: in a few years the number of hats made was doubled, the workforce increases, new machinery is introduced and the quality of the products is such that it transformed the dream of a small handcraft workshop into a proper industry. In 1871 Giuseppe Borsalino, learning from his English experience, decides to make the industrial shift, imports the machines which at Denton, Stockport and in the suburbs of Manchester had already revolutionised the work of hats, and starts exporting. By the early 20th century 60% of the hats produced are exported. Borsalino hats are worn in New York, Paris and London. In 1970 a “Borsalino” film is produced with Alain Delon and Jean Paul Belmondo. Many celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, Gary Cooper, Robert Redford or Orson Welles loved the creations of the brand. It is not uncommon today to see Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Jamiroquai and even Naomi Campbell wearing this famous hat.


The Borsalino luxury hat has a craft process produced in a hat making studio. This felt hat is in felt with jack-rabbit or rabbit fur. Family tradition is perpetuated. A Craft process used for over 150 years to produce the stylish hat. The employees mastered over 70 manufacturing steps : blowing, basting, upsetting, wetting, pressing, to name a few. These steps are fundamental in shaping the famous hat. The machines used are involved in the history of the house. They are often dated from the creation of the brand. The Borsalino museum opened in 2006 in the flagship factory in Alessandria. New hat maker can then touch a real expertise. In addition many models and prototypes are left free access for visitors. Not to mention the opportunity to consult the archives.


Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

For the collection, Borsalino proposes numerous hats realised in the particular velvet finish which provides soft and bright texture, several combinations of multi-stripe bands, and pleasant Trilby model with a very narrow rim for a cool style which gives an informal and youthful look, realised without bands and decorated only by the classic Borsalino ribbon. But the most important news of the Collection is the introduction of a new felt realised with Cervelt, a precious fabric derived from the New Zealand Red Deer, one of the most valuable fibres in the world, whose ginger colour is recaptured by the Borsalino historical archives.

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