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Established in 1937, the brand Agnelle has been passing the skills through generations. The workshop of is located in Saint-Junien, French town famous for its gloves production. Ot much has changed since those days, as hundreds of manual operations have to be done to create these unique and authentic gloves! It is some kind of magic! Trough the history of 75 years, four generations at the Agnelle House were creating a history of gloves for women. Moreover, Sophie Gregoire received the Veuve Clicqout award for business women. 


The glove was always the true symbol of the luxury and uniqueness. Agnelle is one of the most famous brands creating authentic and unique gloves in France and the whole world through the selective distribution network. Meanwhile, the brand has also worked with the major fashion houses to design special models for them. The house was also recognized as Enterprise of Patrimoine in 2006, as a distinguished French brand with excellent craft and manufacturing skills.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

This season, the collection of gloves created by Agnelle is made of finest delicate leather, but comfortable and warm to wear. It balances ultra-femininity, comfort and cold resistance. Lambskin, suede, sheepskin… A timeless collection of casual and chic items. 

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