Anthony Peto

About the brand

The brand Anthony Peto was founded in 1992. This very talented designer wants to transform hat as a common accessory, with humour and sophistication.

He reinvents the forms, uses new materials with so much talent that his work seduces a public eager of elegancy and fantasy. In fact, we can wear the models in outstanding and extravagant ways in the street or in a bar. And it is important to know that all the models are unisex.

The forms are varied: berets, chapka, panama hats, top hats, derby hats, and the list are limitless!


Before creating luxury hats, the British designer Anthony Peto was director of a theatre company, literary editor of an art magazine, he organised dance balls and also charity parties.

In 1986, he began in Paris collaborating with Marie Mercié to realise a line of hats which became extremely renowned. 
In 1992 he created his own brand.

Spring Summer 2014 Collection

This collection is much more colourful than usual. Furs are bright blue or anise and tweeds have been redesigned. However, the talented milliner also uses more soft shades such as a mousy grey and chamois.

Anthony Peto has been inspired by the dandies of Chelsea : 60s in all its glory.

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