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Created in 1956, the CARRERA eyewear brand draws its name from “Carrera Panamericana”, the famous cross-country Mexican race in 1950. In this respect, CARRERA products are designed and developed in collaboration with athletes in order to ensure that the quality of the products is continuously improved.
The brand is strongly represented in a number of disciplines, such as in the world of skiing with the prestigious victors of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and in motor sports as co-sponsor at the Motomondial of the LCR team. In addition, it is always on the tip of the tongue of respected athletes such as Hector Barbera, Jorge Lorenzo and Mika Kallio. CARRERA takes it inspiration from athletes who are champions within their specific disciplines.
CARRERA is a leader in sports and today embodies innovation, design, technology and avant-gardism. CARRERA reflects passion for sports and will always be number 1 for our sporty-chic needs.


Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was responsible for diversifying the CARRERA brand which was initially done through fashion accessories, sunglasses in particular. The idea is simple: to inject aesthetics into functional technology. Intended for professional athletes and dedicated practitioners, the brand offers products ranging from ski masks, helmets, sunglasses and eyeglasses. 
CARRERA products are instantly recognizable for their “racing” look. In 1996, it was bought by the eyewear giant, SAFILO, and today is an iconic brand which enjoys international success.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Meticulously researched materials combined with a bit of vintage aesthetics give the CARRERA sunglasses a unique edge. The real highlights of this collection are the fine lines which caress the face and frame it just so. In short: there’s nothing more for finishing off the perfect look!
The Champion model was inspired by the original design which debuted in the 80s made from the revolutionary new material called Optyl, which is known for its lightness and hypoallergenic properties. Seen on the faces of athletes everywhere, the Champion model can also be seen on celebrity sports enthusiasts such as Travis McCoy, lead singer of the American band, Gym Class Heroes.
Other models such as Endurance and Grand Prix 2 stand out for their retro stylings. CARRERA sunglasses with their perfect balance of chic and sporty style with functional technology are flying off store shelves just in time for the Olympic Games!

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