Chantal Simard

About the brand

Chantal Simard entices us into her world of fine jewellery with white, pink and yellow gold. Her collection immerses us into a spiritual world where we come face to face with our inner selves. The jewellery seems to evoke in us the perfect intuition of when to declare “YES!” “Thank You” and “Stop!” Simard speaks to us with this aptly named, iconic collection: Revelation of the Self. The working of precious stone embedded in gold gives theseexceptional pieces of jewellery the power of transformation, whether worn during the day or throughout the night. They are elegance and grace incarnate.


Chantal Simard is one of those extraordinary women who manage to squeeze several lives into one lifetime. Ready-to-wear designer, personal stylist, jewellery designer and psychologist, she plays every role enthusiastically and with full immersion. Through her precious creations, she shares with us the best facets of her world.

Welcome to a world of finely composed jewellery that is realized in gold and a distinct sense of consciousness.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Infused with a great symbolic value, the delicacy of Chantal Simard’s jewellery makes it easy to wear and collect for seasons to come. The combination of gold with precious stones, the novel forms and workmanship, gives rise to one-of-a-kind pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. With Simard, the precious stones take their rightful places in the spotlight: pink opal, chrysoprase, amethyst, onyx, smoky quartz… all mingling with delight. The bracelets from the Revelation of the Self collection are absolutely timeless, collectible pieces that will accompany us in any endeavor.

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