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Christian Lacroix’s career in fashion begins in 1978 after finishing his studies in history of art.
Before joining Jean Patou in 1981, he works as an assistant for Guy Paulin at Hermès .
He is respected for his exceptional designs that are inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Provence, Venice, Spain and also by fairy tales.
1987, supported by the company LVMH, Lacroix founds his own fashion house. His first haute couture fashion show is based on Camargue and on Arles. He also becomes art director of the couture house Florentine Emilio Pucci.
Until today this fashion house is known for its creativity and elegance.


Lacroix has recently introduced its brand-new autumn/winter collection 2012. The collection has been designed under the creative direction of Sacha Walckhoff, designer of the fashion house since 2012 and right-hand man of Christian Lacroix for almost 10 years. Sacha Walckhoff is a real free spirit and insists on keeping the identity of the brand that is one of haute couture’s key figures.
The designer also reinvents the famous Lacroix scarfs by adding color and style.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

As usual, Christian Lacroix scarves make us travel around the world, to Africa, Bombay and Arles, they almost disorient us with their prints and bright colours. We discover and revisit major places with Mumbai Love, Lacroix-Lywood and  Arles Cross ... We find them in the summer coloured themes, sketches, hide and seek and the catwalk. The forest is also presented in Amazonian chic, exotic gardens, red flowers... Some of the previous collection is revisited for our greatest pleasure such as Patch Art, Hand Collet and New Torero.

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