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The brand Claramonte has appeared as a result of efficient collaboration of Pierre Gionnet and Philippe Bertrand after they met in 2004. Braiding is certainly a signature mark of the brand that has been combining the skills, originality and modernity for nearly 10 years. Indeed, the brand offers very contemporary interpretation of traditional crafts.

Inspired by exotic materials and embroideries of Nomadic cultures of North Africa, the brand is guided by the perfect mix of traditional craftsmanship and oriental sophistication. The use of high quality materials and natural pigments adds intense colors and beautiful lighting effects to the creations. There are many hours spent on handmade creation of each piece, so all of them are definitely unique. Throughout the years, the brand is associated with the elegance and rich heritage. 


The brand is the result of collaboration between Peter Gionnet, the designer with plain and refined style, who is also famous for reconstruction and furniture design of the restaurant “Le Pause Café” near Bastille in Paris, and Philippe Bertrand, passionate designer who graduated from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture in Paris and worked for such famous and respected fashion houses like Lacroix, Chanel, Maison Lemarie, Jean Paul Gaultier and Kenzo.

Since 2011, when Philippe Bertrand discovered for himself the rich culture of Morocco, we can see the strong influence of North Africa in his creations. At the same time, Pierre Gionnet is immersing through dream world combining humor and poetry in the creations of Claramonte. 

Spring Summer 2014 Collection

This season Claramonte remains true to its philosophy to combine chic with craftsmanship. With fall colors, from burgundy and gray to night black, the designers reinvent traditional shapes such as the tote bag and the hobo bag.
With speckled textures and a combination of wool and leather with a colt leather effect, textures are innovative but still ethnochic. Flexible and simple, they are nonetheless highly practical for the everyday life! In addition to revisiting classic shapes, Claramonte is inspired by this season’s trendy elements. Indeed, the bucket shape is honored, and two-toned colors are adorned with neon details – it doesn’t get any better than this.

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