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Created by André Courrèges in 1961, the Courrèges brand has revolutionized the world of fashion and design.
While high fashion favors tailored clothing, Courrèges helps women to get rid of any dressing restrictions, designs small white leather boots, shortens dresses, triumphs with the mini-skirt, imposes pants, capris, and the second-skin tights. Its structured clothes prefer sleek lines for a body full of movement, which represents an awakened society.
André Courrèges honors the white color, and multiplies its use on new materials such as vinyl or plexiglas.
Movement, purity, color, light: Courrèges proudly expresses its style, which is highly optimistic and alive.


Courrèges' design workshop brings together multidisciplinary creative talent, forming a team with a mission to support the Courrèges style.

With origins from different backgrounds, the Courrèges team members represent many disciplines: from designers to creative directors, stylists or graphic designers. Each contributes to the brand’s sectors, including sewing, perfumes, branding or architecture.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

This collection marks the revival of Courrèges, the link between its past and its future. This season, André Courrèges uses the first elements of a system designed to last. Without borders, the brand gives you the freedom to focus on everything at all times, and to talk to all. Summer 2014 is under the theme of freedom and optimism, let yourself be surprised by vitamin colours amongst white, all treated in a vinyl like relief.

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