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About the brand

Thebrand Cutler and Gross was founded forty years ago. The fantasy, the nonconformist and the glamour of the eyewear contributed to build their eyewear empire. Thanks to this British duo, eyewear turned from medical necessity into a key for fashion accessory.

Artists, designers, singers and even members of the royal family are seduced by the uncommon, innovative and artistic products, so that the brand figures in press coverage and the name of its designers enters in the fashion world.

Cutler and Gross achieved to change behaviours. In our days people wear sunglasses to show its membership in different groups and no more by necessity: glasses are now more worn to be seen and recognized, than to see!

Cutler and Goss eyewear are extremely recognizable. They don’t have a logo and are utterly Glam.


Tony Gross and Graham Cutler both met during their optic studies. They had one goal: make eyewear the new fashion accessory. At the end of their studies, they both took different ways, one worked with Oliver Goldsmith and the other left to New-York.

Firstly they worked alone and then they decided to associate to open a shared shop.

They changed the codes and the world of optic in a definitive way. They made famous the British eyewear, elegant and trendy. They transform the classic frames in design pieces. Their creations seem like “Haute Couture” eyewear.

Very quickly their products were sold in London and appeared in the cover of trendy magazines. They both achieved their dream: mixing comfort and fashion.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

« They don’t have a logo, aren’t ostentatious and are utterly Glam » The Independent.

This collection mixes trend, chic and underground fashion. Always very stylish, the British duo proposes both classic and trendy products. Essentially with acetate, Cutler and Gross sunglasses follows the retro trend.

Concerning the colours, the brand proposes an important colour palette with a sober note, tortoise brown or black, and bright colours such as lemon yellow.

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