Donatella Pellini

About the brand

The fashion house Donatella Pellini was founded in 1947 by Emma Caimi Pellini. In 1951 she wins a prestigious price at the Triennial of Milano. The brand became immediately an international success.

In our days, Donatella brings a modern view of fashion to the famous Italian jewellery brand, like her mother Carla and her grandmother Emma did. She associates with the best French and Italian creators to design majestic collection.

The brand differentiates with its innovative use of resin.

The resin can contain fabric, sand, impressions, fragments of stones, powders that guarantees a particular identity. The result is always unique depending on how the various components and powders have been displayed and anchored in the resin.

Each jewel is hand-made in the Milano workshop of the brand. Craftsmen work with the Pellini family since many generations.


The Pellini saga began in 1947 with Emma the founder. Her daughter Carla succeeded her and now Donatella who is at the head of the fashion house.
Donatella gives a new vision to the centenary house. She began with famous designers like Fendi, Christian Lacroix and also Thierry Mugler.

Donatella is immediately seduced by an unusual material in the luxury jewellery world: resin. Resin allows her to benefit of unlimited possibilities for her creations. Indeed, she associates resin with semiprecious materials.

The best memory of her career will always be her meeting with Gorbatchev in Moscow. Margaret Thatcher also has worn one of her resin brooch.

Spring Summer 2014 Collection

Donatella Pellini jewels are a treasure of elegance and good taste. Donatella uses not only precious and semiprecious stones, but also resin that she uses with a particular technique for the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, pendants and rings.

The collection is composed of majestic and extraordinary pieces. The resin bracelets look like real amulets. Originality, singularity and quality are the key words of the Pellini jewellery.

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