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In 2005, after spending several years in the world of finance, Alexandra decided to pursue her passion and launch the Ela Stone jewellery brand with the help of her husband. The tale of Ela Stone began during the couple’s time spent abroad.

Honored by the visits of her many guests in her home abroad, Alexandra designed and and created a rope necklace for each woman at the end of her visit to thank her for coming. Thus the rope necklace, aptly named “Alexandra”, was born. Renowned for its antique elegance in gold metal and semi-precious stones, Ela Stone is a key brand to know in the world of costume jewellery.


Alexandra likes to draw inspiration from antique jewellery and ancient tomes to develop depth in her creations. Far from an ardent follower of modern trends, she prefers to revive the glory of the past. The DNA of Ela Stone lies in the usage of natural stones, which “tell a story”, according to Alexandra.

For Benitah, it is a point of pride that her pieces are aged by hand, while most of her creations are made of bronze alloy and brass which are then gilded with 24 carat gold.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

This season at Ela Stone, the theme is all about ancient and exotic touches! Proud like the king of the savannah, the lion sits on the throne of these winter designs, while finely drawn bees hang down our ears and a snake voluptuously sits around our finger. It’s a sublime tale of wildness.
Semi-precious stones like hematite, shine bright like mirrors while beautifully adorning bracelets and rings. Ela Stone suggests a contemporary reinterpretation of the mythological culture, including chests in their original shapes, but decorated with multicolored threads. We appreciate the opulence of these creations, that remain current and refined.

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