About the brand

The brand Inverni is specialized in the conception and craft of straw hats since 1982. The family company preserves a precious collection of thousand of original models with hat manufactured with extraordinary materials. The straw is weaved and decorated with organza, velvet, handmade lace and rare feather.

Today, the brand is exclusively manufactured in Italy with natural fibres and delicate wool. Each collection reflects that passion of the designers and also the desire to design soft, light and modern pieces.


Inverni accessories made by Florentine manufactures exist since the XVIIIth century. The family keeps promoting the artisanal art of the house from generation to generation. The house stays famous for its knitting hats and accessories and also for its vintage collection with light straw.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

This winter collection focuses on a wide range of softest materials – cashmere, merino wool and fine fur. The pieces are perfect for cold winter days in town and long walks in the mountains. With the style that is both modern and traditional, the brand Inverni presents the products of luxurious quality, softness and comfort. This collection combines designers’ passion and offers comfortable, practical and stylish items. 

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