Jérôme Dreyfuss

About the brand

The Jérôme Dreyfuss brand was established in 1998. His originality, his elegance and his daring made him the “terrible child of French fashion". His success was immediate and beyond the scope of our simple borders.

In 2002 he developed a line of bags called "Roots of luxury". True to his mischievous reputation the bags were called by men's names. Therefore, the Dreyfuss woman has a true companion on her arm.

The materials are soft, the colors are subtle and the details are refined. They have become necessary elements for all fashion followers. Practical volumes and flexible shapes make the Jerome Dreyfuss bags a functional and elegant partner for an urban working woman.

In 2006 he invented a flagship concept the: "agricouture" which is based on sustainable fashion and respectful of the environment. Its image is greatly enhanced by the quality brand guarantee and fashion craftsmanship.


Jerome Dreyfuss had an early passionate love for fashion. When he was nearly 18 years old he became John Galliano’s assistant. Soon after, he worked as a consultant for the Elite modelling agency.

In 1998, he presented to the public his first collection of "couture to wear" as he likes to call it. He quickly met with success. The media soon renamed him "the new Jean-Paul Gaultier" of fashion.

He won the award of future great creator. He also obtained a scholarship to continue his work. One of his creations is even displayed at the Fashion Museum in Paris.

The consecration took place in 2002 when Michael Jackson asked the creator to make costumes to promote his album.

The success of the brand has become dazzling. The Robert, the Billy or the Momo became a real must-have.

In March 2008, he created a capsule collection for La Redoute in collaboration with Jane Birkin.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

For this Fall-Winter 2014 collection, the creative genius Jerome Dreyfuss finds inspiration in cocktail parties that animated the late 1970s. Denim is featured along with brown leather for a look that is perfectly in with the theme. The animal inspirations also are in the spotlight, especially with leopard and Bambi prints, or fleecy sheep’s wool.

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