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Founded in 2003, the German brand Liebeskind has become one of the most popular German brands in Europe. Many styles of bags including vintage look and the ones representing contemporary styles and trends. Liebeskind items are always made with high quality materials that provide unique finish.  


Liebeskind bags are designed in the capital of Germany in a special atmosphere. Young city Berlin gives a lot of themes for inspiration to create models that would perfectly match this fast developing and exciting world. The designers of the brand fulfill their creations with a spirit and emotions of the big city. 

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Liebeskind winter collection is both unique and affordable. In other words, it is a collection of "elegant casual" that fits all situations. Raw materials combined with unique design full of details and innovation result in a practical and timeless bags. The colors are warm, like taupe, beige, caramel, gray and shades of olive and white.

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