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Behind the Mallarino brand, there is a Colombian designer, Lucia Bueno-Mallarino. Lucia, takes special care in conceiving and designing each piece of jewelry of the Mallarino collection, before the craftsmen give them life. She works on every detail, and controls each process of the production, to be sure that every piece of jewelry goes from dream to reality. Complicity and her link with the Colombian artisans, is the secret of her know-how of the Mallarino brand, combining the best of both worlds by creating a jewelry brand with inimitable design and technology.

Mallarino jewelry, which is made using a delicate filigree technique, is hand sewn with silver thread. These Colombian craftsmen have transmitted from generation to generation the knowledge that requires dexterity and mastery for this art, but also a love and a precise knowledge of the noble and precious metals. Using flexibility in the development of magic forms, the filigree allows Lucia to unleash her creativity to make each piece of jewelry exceptional.


Behind the Mallarino brand, there is the personality of the Colombian creator Lucia Bueno-Mallarino, who divides her time between Paris and Colombia. The strong emotional bond that unites the two worlds, her attachment to Colombia, her passion for design, gives the whole “reason to be” for this project. Mallarino is a unique brand in itself, whose sophistication comes from the mixture of both European aesthetic and the unsurpassed talent of Colombian artisans.

Fall Winter 2014 Collection

The Mallarino summer collection is faithful to the know-how of the brand, combining Latin inspiration and the glamour of Paris. You will find a range of jewelry with an inimitable design and technology. The materials are noble and precious. Mallarino jewelry is hand-sewn using silver thread.

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