Fun, colourful and original, the Italian fashion house Moschino is very creative in the hands of Jeremy Scott and is as luxurious as it is unexpected. Lots of flash and originality, the perfecto Flap Bags, M backpacks, saddlebags and cola prints, cartoons and fast food inspired by the prominence of popular culture in the world of luxury.

Our fashion advice

From mini bags with shoulder straps in neon colors to maxi clutches, dare to wear all forms this summer! Structured and sleek, the leather bag is back in bowling bag form on your arm for an urban look, in traditional forms to flatter every feminine silhouette and, in the ultimate of chic, bucket bag form -- we just love the summer's interpretations of these classic shapes. In addition, this season the shoulder bag with its long strap, whether soft or structured, effortlessly compliments your form while swinging lightly on the shoulder or across the body.

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