With Agnelle gloves sophistication is at your fingertips with a unique expertise that's Made In France. Renowned fashion house since 1937, glovemakers Agnelle's original models are renewed every season while retaining the classic fine leathers and technical fitting to match. Between fringe, tartan, mittens or two-tones, the brand makes an accessory glove full of distinction and elegance.

Our fashion advice

This summer’s biggest trend is the invincible capeline with a wide brim. This type of hat goes with all your styles, notably the chicest and more glamorous. Borsalino takes the honors this Spring/Summer 2012 season, but flashy colors such as pink, red and turquoise aren’t to be upstaged! For those who prefer more classical looks, white and neutral tones are chic and timeless. Be irresistible with your new hat this summer!

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